Here’s a First-Look at some of the new features in iOS 6:

“Pull to Refresh” in

A great addition with a great little animation!

Panoramic Camera

I believe the ceiling fan threw this part off for me. So far, the images I’m getting aren’t that great. They may improve more if I went outside into better lighting.

3d Maps

This Addition is really a subtraction of Google Maps. So far, Apple’s maps look good. The traffic overlay is a little confusing, but the Turn-by-turn Voice Commands are so, so welcome!


Passbook isn’t working yet. I guess there will be a special section inside the App Store that will house all the passbook apps, but it isn’t active yet. It’s really looking like Passbook is kind of similar to Newsstand – a “Special folder” for “Special apps”.

Guided Access

This is the feature I am most excited about! Enabling Guided Access in the Accessibility menu lets you set up a 4 digit password that will lock the user in an application. Parents! This is built for you (educators, too, I suppose…)! Do you let your kids play games on your iPad? Well, now you’ll be able to keep them in the game and not worry about them hitting that home button and getting into something that shouldn’t be gotten into Great feature!

What Else?

There’s more, but so far, that’s what has excited me. We’ll be covering iOS 6 on this Tuesday’s show – Tony, Heath and I will have had a few days to really get hands on with it and let you know what we think. Stay tuned!