New iOS 6 Features

by Matthew Tietje

Here’s a First-Look at some of the new features in iOS 6: “Pull to Refresh” in A great addition with a great little animation! Panoramic Camera I believe the ceiling fan threw this part off for me. So far, the images I’m getting aren’t that great. They may improve more if I went outside […]

4 Reasons Every Pastor Should Blog

by Heath Mullikin

I’m a big believer in blogging. Blogging has given me a great outlet at times in my life when I needed to clear my head. It’s also helped me understand and follow God’s next steps for my life. There are lots of great blogs out there and many of them are by pastors. Here are […]

Death by Digital Dysentery

by Matthew Tietje

The Information Riverbed Let’s be honest: the Internet is the new Wild West. The Information Highway is more of a dried riverbed often leading down blind corners and taking you places you didn’t want to go. And like the Oregon Trail, your caravan is under constant threat of danger, hijack and the dreaded death by […]

Glorying God in Technology

by Anthony Casey

Does technology excite you? Does it cause dread? Are you ambivalent about it? Do you think of technology in the light of your faith? I bought my first computer in 1986. It was an Atari ST. I used it for very important stuff! You know, word processing, home finances, and playing Breakout. I have always […]