The Hosts


Anthony Casey

Host, Producer

Tony was born in the state of Wisconsin and lived there till he was 20 Years old. May 19, 1984 he married Sherri Gatena. Sherri and Tony were high school sweethearts and started dating one another the fall of 1980. They have three children: Dana Rae (April 19, 1987), Stephen Daniel (July 17, 1988), and Nicole Sherri (May 20 1998).

Tony went to the University of Wisconsin (Rock County Campus) from fall 1982 – spring 1984. The fall of 1984 he transferred to Southern Wesleyan University (SWU) in Central, South Carolina. He graduated from SWU December 1988 with majors in Bible, Religion, and Greek. In the fall of 1989 he began studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore Kentucky. He graduated with a Master of Divinity May 1993. He is currently enrolled at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois where he is working on a Ph. D. with concentration in Educational Studies.

He is an ordained elder in The Wesleyan Church where he has served as a youth pastor for five and half years and a senior pastor for fourteen years. He has been the Assistant District Superintendent for the South Carolina District since July 2000.

Tony enjoys collecting and restoring old radios. He does his own cabinet restoration and has recently started doing his own electronic restoration. Tony has radios from the early 1920’s through the late 1950’s; however, he is partial to the 20’s and 30’s. He also enjoys the history of radio and recommends the book Empire of the Air to anyone wanting a crash course in the history of radio.


Heath Mullikin

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Heath is the Senior Pastor at Oakway United in Wesminster, SC. He has been married to his wife, Karen, since 1999(after years of begging and pleading with her) and has 3 beautiful children:  Milena(2003), Charis(2003)-yup, twins!, and Drake(2007).  Heath loves reading Batman comics, playing(and winning) fantasy sports, blogging, spending time with my family, calling into WCCP FM and lamenting all the years he’s wasted on Clemson sports.  He trys to work in some TV and movies here and there to stay sharp as the world’s greatest “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” player.

Heath has forgotten more useless information than you remember, freestyle rap on command, and tell amusing stories.  He has blogged in many places under many identities, but the goal is for this blog to hold the complete Heath Mullikin internet library of blog posts, videos, and card tricks.


Matthew Tietje

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Matthew Tietje was born near Wilmington, NC but grew up in Miles City, MT.His life was very much that of a standard issue, parsonage raised child until he graduated from high school and moved to South Carolina to acquire a degree in Ministry from Southern Wesleyan University.

While on campus, he met the love of his life, Ashlee Houser.  After numerous failed attempts to get her to agree to accompany him on a date, he became frustrated and was beginning to think that he would never succeed.  He decided to make one last go of it, and the week before Valentine’s Day, 2004, he put aside all of his school work, including numerous reports and a Greek test, and hand crafted a 5 page Valentine’s card.  After sneaking to Ashlee’s room and placing the card on her desk, he nervously waited for three days to receive a response.  Finally the message came…”We need to talk.”  Things weren’t looking well for Matthew and he was began to plan how he would handle the restrictions of his first Restraining Order.

Ashlee agreed to meet him on the second floor of the campus library.  The meeting time arrived, and the two parties sat on opposite ends of the long table.  There aren’t many details of that night, but what we do know is that there were no papers served, or arrests made.  Indeed, Ashlee conceded to accompany Matthew on a date to Wendy’s.

Matthew graduated with his degree in 2005 and moved to Morganton, NC to take the pastoral charge at Rain Hill Wesleyan Church in March of 2006.  Ashlee and Matthew were married that summer and she began work for Burke County teaching High School science classes. In 2009 Matthew took his appointment at Golden Grove Wesleyan Church in Liberty, SC and Ashlee began working on her PhD at Clemson University.