Episodes from January 2011

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Episode 092 – Where in the World is Tony Sandiego?

Today on The Techology Show: Tim Kirkpatrick – http://www.tpkirkpatrick.com/ Jeremy Summers – http://twitter.com/jeremysummers Heath Mullikin – http://www.chaseyourlion.com Matthew Tietje – http://www.doayp.com Download Episode 092 Audio: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e092.mp3] Video: Video is encoding at Viddler.com. It will play here when it is fully encoded. Super-bowl Give Away To enter, send in who will win, and the final score of the […]

Episode 091 – Fire, Fox!

Today on The Techology Show: Anthony Casey: http://www.facebook.com/acasey64 Heath Mullikin: http://www.chaseyourlion.com Matthew Tietje: http://www.doayp.com Download Episode 091 Audio: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e091.mp3] Video:

Episode 090 – Ted is Haggard

Today on The Techology Show: Stevan Sheets – http://www.stevansheets.com Phil Surrett – http://facebook.com/psurrett Steve Stanley – http://olsuit.wordpress.com Heath Mullikin – http://chaseyourlion.com Tony Casey – http://facebook.com/acasey64 Matthew Tietje – http://doayp.com Download Episode 090 Listen: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e090.mp3] Video:

Interview with Dr. Karl Eastlack

Dr. Eastlack talks with Tony about World Hope International, the current and continued crisis in Haiti and the desire to have the Wesleyans return to their roots of Social Reform.

Interview with Mark Gorveatte

Mark Gorveatte, President of Bethany Bible College, talks with Tony about the college and their program, “One For Another.”

Interview with Jim Dunn

Heath talks with Dr. Dunn about his role as General Director of the Spiritual Formation Department of the Wesleyan Church, and how The Gathering has already begun to have an impact.

Winner! The Best Video of The Gathering!

Steve, Tony, Heath and I (Matthew) talked a lot about The Gathering and tried to process everything we had seen and heard during the week. One of the things we discussed were the videos that were used throughout the week.  We have finally entered an era as Wesleyans where we are putting out some high […]