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“It shows that being in institutional care affects children right down to the molecular level.” – Psychiatrist Stacy Drury of Tulane University in New Orleans, who co-authored a study that seems to suggest that childhood stress can impact kids at the level of DNA.

SOURCE: Nature News

“I’ve been mocked and scoffed and cursed at and I’ve been through a lot with this lighted sign on top of my car. I was doing what I’ve been instructed to do through the Bible, but now I’ve been stymied. It’s like getting slapped in the face.” – Jeff Hopkins a follower of Camping who spent a good deal of his own retirement savings on gas money to power his car so people would see its ominous lighted sign showcasing Camping’s May 21 warning

SOURCE: Associated Press

“Humanism fills the same role for atheists that Christianity does for Christians and Judaism does for Jews. It answers questions of ultimate concern; it directs our values.” – Jason Torpy, a former Army captain who is president of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers who argues for atheist chaplains.

SOURCE: The New York Times

“AMAZON is experiencing high volume and downloads are delayed. If customers order today, they will get the full LADY GAGA, ‘Born This Way’ album for $0.99. Thanks for your patience.” –, explaing why their music download site crashed Monday May 23, 2011.


“…even in instances when divorce was a great gift to one or both parents, it was a silent nightmare to a child. What I am asserting is that divorce . . . leaves major marks on children, marks that reach all the way to the core of their being.” – Andrew Root commenting on his new book “The Children of Divorce: The Loss of Family As the Loss of Being”

SOURCE: Her-menutics

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