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Dr. H.C. Wilson –

In May 2007 Dr. H.C. Wilson was appointed to serve as the general director of Global Partners.  He was the Atlantic District superintendent from 1996-2007.  He has also served The Wesleyan Church as pastor, church planter, assistant general secretary of Sunday Schools, the former Delta District superintendent, and General Superintendent (1988-96).  He is currently the chairman of the board for World Hope Canada and Kingswood University.  Dr. H. C. and his wife, Gloria, have two children and four grandchildren.

Anthony Casey –

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“We know this is a lot at once, but Michael and I feel it’s in TBN’s best interest to get these issues resolved to protect the ministry. We think current TBN practices and procedures violate the IRS Code and State and Federal Laws…. we do not feel comfortable being Secretary/Treasurer without bringing these issues forward.” – Brittany Koper, shortly after she and her husband Michael had been appointed to the Secretary/Treasurer position at Trinity Broadcat Network (TBN). Brittany is also the granddaughter to Paul and Jan Crouce, the founders of TBN

SOURCE: The Orange County Register

The Orange County Register Update

“I would find a way that we could continue to keep the shock value. But I would find a way to inform the parents.” – John Lanza, pastor of Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Middletown, Pennsylvania, on the church youth group’s surprise persecution simulation. Two gunmen covered students’ heads, put them in a van, and drove them to the home of a pastor, who appeared beaten. The district attorney’s office is considering felony false imprisonment charges.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

“Even as God used sinful Balaam to accomplish his purposes, so he used our sin to … mak[e] the whole world acquainted with the Bible.” – Harold Camping, calling his insistence that Christ would return on May 21 last year sinful and wrong.


“Banks are nervous about lending to churches right now …. The last thing banks want is to own a church.” – Todd Whittaker, president of Service Realty Inc. in Denver, on the record number of church foreclosures (138) in 2011.

SOURCE: The Denver Post