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Josh LeRoy is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University and Asbury Theological Seminary. He is currently in his 4th year of leading The Bridge Project in Asheboro, NC. It’s a cross-cultural ministry which focuses on racial reconciliation. Josh believes that the color of the skin does not determine the value of a soul. He’s married to Laura and they have a daughter, Anna Grace, and a son, Ellis.

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“Don’t allow that guy – the drug user and the alcoholic – to be in your band. Get rid of that cancer early on because they will be like vampires.” – Gene Simmons of the iconic rock band KISS. He also goes on to say that he has never been high or drunk in his life.


“It still has priests and bishops, altars and stained-glass windows. But it is flexible to the point of indifference on dogma, friendly to sexual liberation in almost every form, willing to blend Christianity with other faiths, and eager to downplay theology entirely in favor of secular political causes. Yet instead of attracting a younger, more open-minded demographic with these changes, the Episcopal Church’s dying has proceeded quickly…” – Politics and Culture Columnist Ross Douthat reporting on the continued demise of the Episcopal Church in the United States.

SOURCE: The New York Times

“It was put up throughout the town in the middle of the night. When everyone was asleep without the permission of the business owner. Business people are upset. The city is upset. The city of Winfield does not condone this. It’s surprising to see something like that in our town. I know it’s been here in the past.” – Norris Music manager Tyler Cantrell commenting on a flyer placed in downtown Winfield, AL which says “Annual Pastor’s Conference All White Christians Invited.”


“That does not mean sexual attention, when it is clearly rejected, is allowed. We need to be clear that these events are a great way to meet people, but there are appropriate ways to conduct yourselves. There are common-sense ways to address this for both men and women.” – Maggie Ardiente, director of development for the American Humanist Association, reacting to the 40% decline in female registration at the skeptics, atheists and humanists conference in Las Vegas, NV due to sexual harassment in the past.


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