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“Buzzplant, a Christian-based digital advertising agency, surveyed churches to see how they’re using social media within their organization. More than 30% of churches surveyed said they update Facebook each day, while close to 15% said they never use the network.” – Columnist Amanda Pittman reporting on how churches use social media.

SOURCE: Mashable

“It was indescribable fear. They burned tires in front of the house and wanted to burn the house, (My wife) took the children and was jumping over walls from one street to another until they managed to escape.” – Syrian Christian Michel, describing the persecution he and his family have recently experienced.


“(Facebook) has a vital interest in ensuring that speech on Facebook and in other online communities is afforded the same constitutional protection as speech in newspapers, on television, and in the town square,” – Facebook this week filed a briefing in support of Daniel Ray Carter, who was fired from his deputy sheriff position after “Liking” a page supporting the man running against his boss.

SOURCE: TheVerge

“It’s okay to feel weird about this because I feel weird about this, and I was in the center of it. We all know there is an anxiety, there’s an unease, there’s a worry that our lives are changing.” – Katherine Losse, former ghost writer for Mark Zuckerberg who recently left Facebook, silicon valley, and social media saying that “connections were more plentiful but also narrower and less satisfying”

SOURCE: The Washington Post

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