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Interview with Genetta Herrera A.K.A “Boss Lady”



“A hotel should be comfortable inside, and it will be possible to look at the Earth through large portholes.” Sergei Kostenko, CEO of Orbital Technologies commenting on his companies plans to build a luxury hotel in space.

Source: AOL News –

“We pray that Cheryl’s life will inspire existing and future ministries of mercy to press on.” Rev. and Mrs. Charles Beckett, parents of 32 year old IWU graduate Cheryl Beckett who along with nine other aid workers was killed by the Taliban while on a medical mission to the Nuristan province of Afghanistan.

Source: The Wesleyan Church News Department –

“Astonishing in scope … a full-scale campaign to bribe legislators and others.” Lanny Breur, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division commenting on Casino owners in Alabama offering state legislators up to $2 million if they would vote in favor of electronic bingo.

Source: The Associated Press –

“The concept, the intent, has potential. This has not been done before in this way. It’s certainly better than not doing it.” Carrie Gordon Earll of Focus on the Family reacts to the Obama administration’s $27 million pregnancy aid package for young single parent moms in hopes of reducing abortions.

Source: Christianity Today –

“We are encouraging our church members to take care of their community by buying locally. This is an ethical purpose that is beyond profit.” Charles Adams, pastor of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit, which teamed with General Motors in inviting churchgoers to test-drive new cars after Sunday services.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Two Cops Accused of robbing undercover cop