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Show Notes

How “The Fridge” Lost His Way

The Wesleyan Church Launches a resource page

A Discussion on Sermon Plagiarism’s-sermon/

Sayed Musa: May be hanged for his Faith

The Grace Card opens this Friday

Download of the Week: Handbrake

They Said It

“As everyone continues to share more and more aspects of their lives on social networking sites, they leave themselves open to much greaterexaminations of both their public and private lives in these sensitive situations.” American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers President Marlene Eskind Moses commenting in a recent article claiming that 1 out of 5 U.S. divorces now involves Facebook.

Source: MailOnline

“It is so out of the blue and pretty amazing.” Washington University’s rare books curator Erin Davis giving a statement about the dozens of Thomas Jerfferson owned books that have been found in the rare books collection at Washington University in St. Louis. They were donated in 1880 after the death of Jefferson’s granddaughter, Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge, and her husband, Joseph Coolidge.

Source: The Associated Press

“This country cannot continue this reckless, grossly immoral course of deeper and deeper deficits. We will go bankrupt. And then watch it all break loose in the markets, in the banks, and eventually in the streets. Look, I don’t want to pay higher taxes any more than anybody else does. But I would certainly rather pay higher taxes than betray my kids and grandkids.” Chuck Colsen encouraging budget cuts and tax increases during one of his BreakPoint broadcasts.

Source: Breakpoint

“We heard it was coming and now here it is. Amazon has flipped the switch on its “free” video streaming for Prime members, the service we’ve been hearing about for the past month or so.” Tim Stevens reporting for Engadget

Source: Engadget

“The solidarity among the people here is amazing, even the disabled are helping out.” Faraj al-Misrati, a local doctor in the city of Misurata commenting on the protests in Libya.

Source: The Associated Press

What do you do when someone eats your thin mint girl scout cookies?