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Untested Windows/Linux apps –, GnomeDO –

Also, If looking for a similar app, or alternatives, check out A very helpful site!


“But in this case, God could have prevented that tsunami and the destruction, but he didn’t. He just took his hand off and allowed these natural forces to work. And one of the background pieces of information is Japan is under control of the sun goddess.” – C. Peter Wagner, former professor at Fuller Seminary explaining why Japan experienced a Tsunami.


“According to The New York Times, Penn State is preparing for the exit of longtime football coach Joe Paterno in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal involving former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.” – Chris Greenburg reporting for the Huffington Post


“It is abundantly clear from viewing these images that the emotional response they were crafted to induce is calculated to provoke the viewer to quit, or never to start smoking — an objective wholly apart from disseminating purely factual and uncontroversial information,” – U.S. District Judge Richard Leon, in a 29 pages rulings blocking a federal requirement that would have begun forcing tobacco companies next year to put graphic images including dead and diseased smokers on their cigarette packages.

SOURCE: Associated Press

“Fannie Mae is working to reduce losses on our legacy book and limit taxpayer exposure,” – Susan McFarland, the company’s executive vice president and chief financial officer said after tapping the Fed for $7.8 billion to cover loses.

SOURCE: Reuters 

Man robs bank. Weapon? BUG SPRAY

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