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ESPN does not release 2002 tape alleging sexual abuse until 2011

Bob Costas calls out excessive touchdown celebrations
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“They are trying to make it seem like I am unfit, like I don’t love my child. Of course I love him. Of course I want him to lose weight. It is very hard, but I am trying.” – The mother of a Cleveland, OH 3rd Grader responding after her son was taken from her and placed in foster care for weighing over 200 pounds.

SOURCE: Yahoo News

“The Salvation Army has a history of active discrimination against gays and lesbians. While you might think you’re helping the hungry and homeless by dropping a few dollars in the bright red buckets, not everyone can share in the donations,” – Bil Browning speaking for some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates who are calling on people to boycott the Salvation Army’s red Christmas donation buckets.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

“It will become a true center for our Catholic community in Orange County.” – Bishop Tod D. Brown explaining how the Catholic diocese would use its recent purchase of the the Crystal Cathedral.


“When my husband and I first saw ‘The Brick Bible’ at Sam’s Club, we thought, What a fantastic idea for our nephews to have for Christmas. I flipped through the book, and when I got home went straight to the website in hopes to see if there were more stories. This is where it all went downhill for me. While the website does have a content warning on it, I feel the paraphrase of the Bible stories are not age appropriate and should be identified both on the website and the book itself.” – Tabitha Grace, a consumer who was initially excited about The Brick Bible (unofficially called the Lego Bible) until she learned of the graphic nature of the scenes depicted.

SOURCE: WorldNetDaily

Revenge of the Turkeys

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