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Related story saying that nearly two-thirds of Christians leave the church either permanently or for an extended period of time after age 15

Time Magazine’s person of the year


“All party members, military men and the public should faithfully follow the leadership of comrade Kim Jong-un and protect and further strengthen the unified front of the party, military and the public,” – KCNA state news agency’s directive to the North Koren people after the death of Kim Jung IL

Here is a video we highly recommend

“As with all of our products, we continue to make them better for customers with regular software updates — in fact, in less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire that will improve performance, touch navigation and give customers the option to choose what items display on the carousel,” – Amazon public relations talking about updates that are coming to the Kindle Fire which is currently selling at the rate of 1 Million units a week.

SOURCE: Mashable

“Facebook is making us unhappy by making everyone else look really, really happy. It is bringing down a lot of people’s daily sense of well-being.”– Harvard Business Review Blogger Daniel Gulati declaring that Facebook is making people miserable.


“Once the world leader in smartphones, RIM has had a difficult time transitioning — not just to the emerging tablet space but to the app-centric nature of the mobile market. Additionally, RIM is being challenged by Apple, Google and Microsoft in the enterprise space, where the BlackBerry used to be ubiquitous.” – Christina Warren reporting on the current condition of Research In Motion, the makers of the Blackberry.

SOURCE: Mashable