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Kem is a recovering corporate spin doctor who used to think church was for out-of-touch people who just needed to “get a life.” Now? She believes the local church is the hope of the world — it just needs some help. As Communications Director at Granger Community Church, Kem’s job is to help find ways to eliminate information obesity and simplify complexity. That may include weighing in on a series package, a web interface or back office systems. It all counts, because—at the end of the day—everything communicates.
Her book, Less Clutter. Less Noise. (now in its fifth printing) provides simple insights for the not-so-simple art of communication to help churches, businesses and not-for-profits find ways to get the word out and, simply, do better. You can find her blogging at
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Interview with Kem Meyer


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“I don’t make any claims–that’s not my job anymore than Tebow’s — but no human could have planned the fact that on Sunday, Tebow threw for 316 yards and set a postseason record averaging 31.6 yards per completion.“ – Alicia Cohn noting the consistency of Tim Tebow’s most recent games stats with his favorite Bible verse John 3:16

SOURCE: Her.meneutics

“It’s hard to tell whether it’s a case of correlation or causation, but according to a new study published this week, employees who are super active on social networking sites have a very different idea of what is appropriate workplace behavior than other workers.” – Colleen Taylor reporting on the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey

SOURCE: Gigaom

“Stories matter,Most of the work done on pornography revolves around the issues of free speech and legislation, or the science behind addiction. But films are not essays or treatises. Films, like novels and poems and plays, are here to tell stories. And that is enough. If that is done well, we will gain a glimpse into the truth for which we forgot to ask.” – Filmmaker Sean Finnegan talking about his recent documentary Out of the Darkness. A film that follows the life of former porn star Shelley Lubben, who now runs a ministry helping others to escape the sex industry and find hope and healing in Christ.

SOURCE: Christianity Today

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