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A born and bred Wesleyan, Sherilyn Sheets eagerly followed in the footsteps of 4 generations and began her preparation for vocational ministry at Southern Wesleyan University in 1999.  Upon completing her MA at Wheaton College in 2008, she was invited to join the staff of a non-denominational church in the Chicago suburbs led by Dave and Jon Ferguson (Co-founders of COMMUNITY Christian Church and Newthing Network).  Sher’s unprecedented leadership in building a bridge between suburban young adults and Chicago’s homeless population became a significant source of inspiration that has helped lead this mega-church into a missional focus. Sher is currently in her fourth year on staff with COMMUNITY Christian Church in Chicago.

Between obtaining her undergraduate and graduate degrees, Sher spent a year with Global Partners, working with World Hope in Bosnia. It was there that she learned the most about missional living.  After moving to the inner city of Chicago in 2010 with the intention of simply being a good neighbor, Sher started JUSTembrace, whose mission is to remove social barriers that marginalize and divide communities through training, events and hospitality.

Sher specializes in pioneering new mission, especially through relational investment and celebration.  She calls herself a pastor of the pastorless and thrives on developing leaders from among those society has given up on.

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“We had looked at different groups, like C.E.O.’s and high-level executives, thinking, oh, do we need to spend more time with them? And then this religion thing popped up.” – Claire Diaz-Ortiz, of Twitter upon discovering that the popularity of the application among Christian leaders surpassed “N.B.A. players, politicians and actors.”

SOURCE: The New York Times

“This struggle takes a terrible toll, as pastors wrestle with crammed calendars, hectic homes, splintered dreams, starved intimacy and shriveled purpose. Some quit in utter hopelessness. Others lapse into passivity. And many of the rest just hold on by their fingernails.” – Dr. H.B. London, discussing the the plight of many contemporary pastors.

SOURCE: Pastors At Greater Risk

“We are no longer under the theocratic nation state of Israel, but how God has set up his economy for His people has not changed. The law was given to help people live in the shalom of God. That’s what gives the law (principles like taking a Sabbath and the tithe) an enduring effect.” – Rev. J. D. Greear, Pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, N.C. in a recent blog post where he attempts to answer the question, “Do Christians have to tithe?

SOURCE: The ChristianPost

Kingswood University Contest Winners:

263-Dale Argot
398-Alex Csontos
131-Sheila Murphy

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