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Vizio Gets into Computers Vizio Commercial

Apple Unveils New Computers and iOS 6

Microsoft Jumps into the Hardware Business

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“This is every pastor’s opportunity to know, commit and tell others about a personal and professional standard of biblical pastoral ethics. I invite every pastor and every church board to put this code of ethics on the agenda for an upcoming meeting. Discuss. Adopt. Live these standards.” – National Association of Evangelicals President Leith Anderson, encouraging pastors to sign a code of ethics that has been recently drafted in an attempt to address eroding moral standards among clergy.

SOURCE: & Christianity Today

“When it comes to projects, however, the good we do is often outweighed by the warped impressions left on both sides. For example, sending high-school students to do construction in front of poor, underemployed adults furthers the humiliation of the poor as they see wealthy North Americans casually doing jobs they would happily accept, while it reinforces the views of many American Christians that poor people cannot help themselves.” – Brian M. Howell associate professor of anthropology at Wheaton College and author of Short-Term Mission challenging the church to rethink its approach to short term missions projects

SOURCE: Christianity Today

“I was involved with a large drug trade, things went haywire, people wound up dead, I got charged with murder, you know, more than once. … I left with my hands bloody. But here I am, in prison, playing a character in The Life of Jesus Christ, so who’s to say we can’t change? And I think what me and the guys are doing, this is a way to say that we’re making amends for the crimes that brought us to the situation in our lives at this point.” – Convicted Murderer Terrence Williams who plays a Roman soldier in The Life Of Jesus Christ, a play at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.


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Fred Luter elected Southern Baptist Convention President