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South Carolina passes bill restricting municipal broadband

They Said It

“Attackers threw two grenades inside the church, only one of which exploded, But as the congregation stampeded out of the church, gunmen opened fire, doing significantly more damage. Ten people died and about 37 were wounded at the church.” – Police commander Philip Ndol speaking of the bloody attack of an African Inland Church in Garissa


“SOPA and PIPA are the effective equivalent of blowing up every road, bridge, and tunnel in New York to keep people from getting to one bootleg stand in Union Square — but leaving the stand itself alone.” – Nilay Patel, lawyer and co-creator of the tech website The Verge commenting on inadequate internet privacy laws and the new Declaration of Internet Freedom

SOURCE: The Verge

The Declaration of Internet Freedom

    • Expression: Don’t censor the Internet.
    • Access: Promote universal access to fast and affordable networks.
    • Openness: Keep the Internet an open network where everyone is free to connect, communicate, write, read, watch, speak, listen, learn, create and innovate.
    • Innovation: Protect the freedom to innovate and create without permission. Don’t block new technologies, and don’t punish innovators for their users’ actions.
    • Privacy: Protect privacy and defend everyone’s ability to control how their data and devices are used.

“I would spend most of my time on the weekend services, then go out and wonder, If this is success in ministry, I have to do something else, because it feels pretty empty.” – David Runyon, teaching pastor of Foothills Community Church and coauthor of the book The Art of Neighboring: Jesus’ Call to Love Starts Right Outside Your Door.

SOURCE: Christianity Today

“Your love for God is no greater than your love for others.” – Steve DeNeff and David Drury commenting how we measure our love for God.

SOURCE: SoulShift

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