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Interview with Zac Woodfin


umplayerUMplayer –

UMPlayer is the media player that fills all your needs. With dozens of advanced features and built-in codecs it can handle any media format, and can play Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs, TV / Radio cards, YouTube™ and SHOUTcast™ streams and even incomplete or damaged media files.



We have a responsibility as human beings to do something, to save each other, to save the lives of ourselves, our families, our friends, and all of the rest of the people that live on God’s planet.

New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg after he had signed a city-wide ban on large soft drinks only to have a New York state judge strike down the law as “arbitrary and capricious.”

SOURCE: Yahoo News

His version swaps the roles completely, giving Pauline full freedom of movement while Mario waits for her to come to his rescue.

Jon Fingas reporting on Mike Mika’s hack which customized Donkey Kong for his daughter.


Georgia’s House of Representatives dealt a blow to major telecommunications incumbents Thursday when it rejected legislation that would have precluded many Georgia towns from getting into the broadband business.

Timothy B. Lee reporting on a recent ruling in the Georgia House of representatives which will allow small municipalities to get into the broadband business.

SOURCE: ArsTechnica

When people come to church they feel very safe. The same people who would protect their bag at the department story feel they feel they can leave in on the bench at church. Unfortunately, there’s a very small percentage of people who would take advantage of that

Father Francis Skelly of Immaculate Conception Church in the Bronx commenting on the unfortunate reality that churches are being targeted for theft, break ins, and vandalism.


The Science of Pornography Addiction

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