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peed, william-8715Before going to Kingswood University in 2003 Bill and his wife, Marilee, served with Global Partners as missionaries to Zambia, Africa for 21 years in church planting, evangelism, and leadership development ministries. He understands the need for specialized training in cross cultural ministry for God-called individuals to be effective and competent in presenting biblical truths to other people groups. For his Ph.D. dissertation he researched perceptions of missionary competency and is using the findings as Director of the Global Ministry program. He seeks to prepare next generation missionaries to declare God’s word to the nations around the world.

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Interview with Bill Peed

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Understanding Spiritual Warfare


nexusae0_pocketcastsPocket Casts- Pocket Casts is a simple and powerful podcatcher for Android. Designed from the ground up for Android 4+, it features a modern holo UI which keeps the app’s feature set within reach. Cross device syncing, tablet support and native variable speed playback make Pocket Casts the best way to listen to podcasts on any platform.


On advice from my physicians and therapists (and with the blessing of church leadership), I am taking a medical leave of absence from the church to enter a 30-day residential treatment program beginning this weekend. I am very sorry to be away from the church on such short notice, but on the advice of my team of caregivers, I must accept the need to go now. I expect to be back in early February.

Stephen Shoemaker, senior minister at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C

SOURCE:  apb NewsPilatus_PC-6_Turbo_Porter

A specialized airplane like the Pilatus PC-6 is needed to safely transport Bible translators through the island’s treacherous terrain. These planes were designed specifically to operate in harsh environments and take off and land from short runways carved out of thick jungles. The Pilatus PC-6 can transport Bible translators, critical supplies, and Scriptures where no one else can. Inaccessibility puts Bible translation efforts at risk.

Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates and a pilot himself.

SOURCE:  Wycliffe Associates

This version is not your parent’s Superman. It is much darker and considerably more violent. In fact, the last half hour of the film felt like you were watching a kid play a combat video game that seemed as if it would never end. It is important to mention that there are some good life lessons such as taking the first step in faith, believing in one’s self and that everyone has the potential to be a force for good.

Scott Rolfe on his review of the latest Superman movie Man of Steel.


As a whole, the network morning shows presented 44 statements in favor of gay marriage, none opposed, and 56 neutral. The network evening newscasts presented 46 statements in favor of gay marriage, none opposed, and 54 neutral. Each cable news channel was broken down individually. Given the three very different programming strategies of the channels, it was an interesting move, as all three presented far more supporting arguments than opposing arguments.

Alex Weprin senior editor at Mediabistro.


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