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Dave HigleDave is Director of Clergy Development in Education & Clergy Development at the Wesleyan World Headquarters. He has spent most of his ministry career in higher education at Kingswood University (Dean of Christian Formation and earlier as professor of Bible and theology), and Academic Dean at Somerset Christian College, in New Jersey (now Pillar College). He has also served as a pastor in both United Methodist and Wesleyan congregations. He graduated from Houghton College (physical education), Asbury Theological Seminary (Mdiv), Princeton Theological Seminary (ThM), and Walden University (Ph.D. In spirituality and higher education). He is married to Jane, a librarian and archivist for The Wesleyan Church and they have one daughter, Carolyn, who lives in Toronto).

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flickr-logoFlickr – Flickr is the best way to store, sort, search and share your photos online. Flickr helps you organize that huge mass of photos you have and offers a way for you and your friends and family to tell stories about them. The best way to learn about Flickr is to upload some photosexplore the site, join some groups and make some friends.


And the most sinful city in America is—— St. Louis!!!

Dr. Ben Witherington citing the results of Randy Nelson’s comprehensive index based on the seven deadly sins used to determine the most “Sinful Cities” in America. After St. Louis comes Orlando, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and rounding out the top 5 Milwaukee.

SOURCE: Patheos

I am really sick of people casually using the word ‘autistic’ as an insult; it’s so hurtful when it’s spat out as a slur,

A parent who has been quoted in a “myth-busting” guide which challenges negative attitudes about children with disabilities. The guide has been launched by the online parenting network, Mumsnet.


We are nuns. We rely on God and the angels to protect us. At the end, they paraded us like prisoners of war and hurled abuse at us as they led us from one alley to another without telling us where they were taking us

Sister Manal, principal of the Franciscan school in Bani Suef who along with other Nuns was persecuted at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

The ability to switch between tasks and access information with minimal effort — a gift of contemporary gadgets — can mask the cognitive costs of redirecting attention and actually processing information to achieve understanding. It’s easy to mistake familiarity and the feeling of having something at your fingertips with true comprehension. So, next time I might just ask my students to put away their laptops and take notes the old-fashioned way.

Tania Lombrozo an Associate professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley articulating the negative impact of multitasking upon cognitive processing and retention.


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Hey, you guys do a great job talking about adoption on the show. It’s something Christians need to consider, especially if we want to legitimately resist abortion. Another subject which we too often overlook and/or fail to address in the church is in-vetro fertilization and, more specifically, the embryos which are “leftovers” from that process. Here is a story about a family that did something about that issue and the rather unexpected result they received.

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