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Evan Money is a bestselling author, global entrepreneur, and online life coach. He has been interview by The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and Sporting News. Today we welcome him to the show to talk about his film “Words of Art.”

Anthony Casey – @acasey64

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All-In-Mark-BattersonMark Batterson, pastor at National Community Church and future guest on the show (November 5th, 2013), released his new book, All In.

The Gospel costs nothing. You can’t earn it or buy it. It can only be received as a free gift compliments of God’s grace. It doesn’t cost anything, but it demands everything. It demands that we go ‘all in,’ a term that simply means placing all that you have into God’s hands.

The 40 Day Bible – This spring, The Wesleyan Church is planning a denomination-wide Community Bible Experience. Tens of thousands of people will read the entire New Testament together during the Lenten season leading up to Easter. Churches piloting the campaign have already reported gains in growth, discipleship and stewardship.


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Interview with Evan

41jxCKvsrtLAquaNotes® provides a convenient method for preserving notes, sketches, and records without having to worry about the soggy results that occur when trying to write on traditional paper in wet environments. Let AquaNotesTM meet your need for a paper pad that can take whatever the weatherman dishes out!


Locket – We’re Locket. And we’re all about the lock screen. The way we see it, it’s the most valuable real estate in advertising. And we want to help people and brands make the most of this space, with a new model.

Rather than make you pay to get rid of ads, we make it so (relevant) brands pay you to display their ads. On average, you see around 5,000 ads every day. Brands already pay to show you ads. They just don’t pay you.

So why would brands do that now? Well, If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re checking it 100 times every day, and every time you do, the lock screen is the first thing you see.

See what we mean by valuable space?

Our goal is simple: to find a way for brands and consumers to connect in a way that rewards everyone. Handsomely.


Exactly how much did the league know about the dangers of head trauma and when did it know? How much was actively concealed by, among other tactics, the attempted subversion of scientific inquiry? Just how was that settlement with players arrived at and how will the plaintiffs ultimately be affected?

ESPN Ombudsman Robert Lipsyte commenting on Frontline’s episode League of Denial that focused upon head injuries in the NFL.


We are seeing secular courts ruling on core components of Christian practice. The courts have acted to protect the kara bracelet [worn by Sikhs], Afro cornrow haircuts, the wearing of the hijab and a Muslim’s right to fast, but have refused to grant the protection to the cross or the Christian Sunday.

Andrew Williams, founder of the Christian Legal Centre, who is supporting Celestina Mba in her fight to have Sundays off on the basis of her Christian faith.

SOURCE: The Telegraph

Our society (allows for) a very narrow stereotype of who and what is sexy, and very often it’s about being sexy in a pornographic way. That’s all you’re seeing these days on television, movies, video games, music videos. Another important message is that If you over-invest in looking a certain way, whether it’s sexy or anything, you’re over-investing in something very superficial when you could be developing your talents and intelligence in multiple other ways.

Counseling and school psychology professor Sharon Lamb expressing concerns over recent trends with sexy halloween costumes for tweens/teens.


In a world of omnipresent screens, it can be easy to forget the simple pleasure of curling up with a good book. In fact, a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll of 1,000 U.S. adults found that 28 percent hadn’t read a book at all in the past year.

Laura Shocker reporting on a recent study which heralds the benefits of reading

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

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