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Marie Cattle

775613_10151431593921311_1926871426_oMarie Cattle is from London England. She also is a registered nurse working at the Wesleyan Hospital on the island of La Gonave in Haiti. She is responsible for the coordination of medical and surgical teams coming to work at the hospital.She serves alongside her husband Julian who is an engineer. He also served as the supervising project manager for the new hospital in La Gonave. Marie and Julian have two delightful daughters: Rebecca and Ella.

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Starting this week the trade-in value for iPhones will no longer be impacted by the phone’s liquid damage indicator, according to Apple retail employees.

Mike Beasley reporting on the policy change at Apple

SOURCE: 9to5 Mac

Even among more casual users, porn is wreaking havoc in the bedroom. Last year, American GQ’s sex columnist, Siobhan Rosen, complained about the “pornified sex” men seemed to expect – not in a relationship, when trust has been established, but from the very first encounter.

Nisha Lilia Diu in her article Don Jon: How Porn is Rewiring our Brains.

SOURCE: The Telegraph

We received a letter saying we had to cease and desist immediately or they would take legal action against us,

Renee Mathews, the principal of East Point Academy in West Columbia, S.C. referring to a letter he received from the American Humanist Association.

SOURCE: Fox News

Devastating. A war zone. I walked through one of the hardest hit areas and four streets of homes are gone…I couldn’t tell what street I was on.

Washington, IL Mayor Gary Mainer tearfully talking about the recent tornado that ripped through his town.

SOURCE:The Huffington Post

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