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Wayne MacBeth –

553020_703662982584_567846199_nWayne MacBeth is the Executive Director of the Communication and Administration Division of The Wesleyan Church. Wayne has worked in higher education for 25 years, with experience in a variety of roles including vice-president for enrollment and marketing, vice-president for student life, advancement, and chief operating officer. He has served at Houghton College in New York, Global Partners in Indianapolis and Kingsley College in Melbourne, Australia. He also served as Executive Pastor for Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church in Buffalo, NY and served with World Hope International in development and church relations.

Wayne and his wife Tammy have five children and five grandchildren.

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Interview with Wayne MacBeth Philippines



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Evangelicalism—both on the individual and institutional level—is trying hard to purge itself of a polished veneer that smacked of hypocrisy. But by focusing on brokenness as proof of our “realness” and “authenticity,” have evangelicals turned “being screwed up” into a badge of honor, its own sort of works righteousness? Has authenticity become a higher calling than, say, holiness?”

Brett McCracken, a film critic for Christianity Today and author of the recently released Gray Matters: Navigating the Space Between Legalism and Liberty,

SOURCE: The Gospel Coalition

To usher in a “gender equality” movement that misrepresents a traditional Biblical understanding of human sexuality, liberal elites must first break down the authority of Scripture. A dangerous mission, these efforts threaten to strip women of their dignity, integrity, uniqueness and the special responsibilities entrusted to them by God.

Chelsen Vicari, Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

SOURCE: Juicy Ecumenism

With the Chromecast, we’re resetting consumer applications. People should expect their phones or tablet applications to just work on the television.

Rishi Chandra, Chromecast’s director of product management after Google released The Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) yesterday.


Mr. Hoffman’s gifts were widely celebrated while he was alive. But the shock of his death on Sunday revealed, too soon and too late, the astonishing scale of his greatness and the solidity of his achievement. We did not lose just a very good actor. We may have lost the best one we had. He was only 46, and his death, apparently from a drug overdose, foreshortened a career that was already monumental.

Movie critic A. O. Scott as he talked about Philip Seymour Hoffman roles, and what he thinks defines the actor’s legacy.

SOURCE: The New York Times

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