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Brett-and-JaelleBrett Durbin is the Founder and Executive Director of Trash Mountain Project. Previously, a college pastor in Lakeland, Florida, Brett holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary.  He just finished his first book, Witness, that released on April 6th.  He is married to Jaelle, and is blessed to be the father of five: Gabriel, Matthew, Susan, Josiah and Jeremiah.

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Interview with Brett Durbin


Click to purchase Brett’s book, “Witness”

Standing in the middle of a landfill just over five years ago, Brett Durbin was confronted with a reality that has been described by many as being the closest thing to hell on earth that exists in our post-modern culture. Children and families that have nothing scrounge in the trash dump for a few scraps of metal to pay for their next bowl of rice. But what could be done to help such a forgotten society?
Witness is the compelling true story of Brett’s experience as he obeyed the call to reach out to the least, the lost, and the forgotten through the formation of Trash Mountain Project, the organization he founded. It is the story of an amazing God, whose actions are very much visible in the lives of the organization and the people they co-labor with and serve around the world.