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Beth, @empetersen

Beth’s Petersen was born in Haiti to great missionary parents, Dan and Joy Irvine. She is a 2004 graduate of Southern Wesleyan University.  Currently she serves as assistant to the senior pastor at Alive Wesleyan. Beth has been married to Justin for 8 years and together they have 2 children: Will (age 5), and Sabrina (age 4).


Aaron is married to a beautiful Scottish girl from Dundee, Lynsey Louise Dowds. Together they have 4 children, a son Caleb who is now in heaven. They also have 3 daughters; Clara (7), Kate (4) and Judy (6 months). Aaron is a part-time Associate Pastor at the Vine Church in Dunfermline (his father is the senior Pastor). Aaron is also a part-time Pharmacist and works in a community Pharmacy called the Cooperative Pharmacy. In addition, he serves as the Okipe Fundraising Task Force Leader. Aaron loves running, cycling, swimming, hiking, football (what we call soccer), reading and travelling. He also enjoys cooking on occasion. His favourite food is Indian. He also enjoys a really good cup of coffee or tea.

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