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Interview with Tom Clegg

IBM 5 MB Hard Drive & SSD’s




“I’d tried the ‘get-me-out-of-this-foxhole’ prayers too many times, and I knew they weren’t what God wanted to hear. This time … I wanted him to do with me what he would, whether that meant recovery or death. Either one would provide relief from this lingering hell.” – Josh Hamilton describing his desperation before God concerning his life of addiction.

SOURCE: Christianity Today

“The message there is that if you start out with a health-related quality of life deficit through early life experience and a poor educational background, it’s never made up for later on. Poorer Canadians are in poorer health and they have lower life expectancy than their more affluent counterparts, and by age 20 the pattern for health-related quality of life as people age is already fixed.” – Nancy Ross refering to her study Trajectories of health-related quality of life by socio-economic status in a nationally representative Canadian cohort

SOURCE: AlphaTech

“He was crying. He had a snotty nose, everything, crying standing by the door. They were hungry. We asked them did they eat, he said he didn’t eat in two days.” – 17 year old Nilaja Wyatt and her teenage friend Aliyah Glover describing the condition of six children who were found wondering on the street.

SOURCE: Fox News

“We want to make a difference and help people who are smoking stop smoking and discourage people who haven’t taken up the habit yet.” – FDA commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg explaining why the FDA is recommending pictures of cancer victims on packages of tobacco products.


An Idea for a Health Plan!