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Interview with Zac Woodfin


By Chapter Bible Atlas for Google Earth(Click to Download)

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“Always when I see him and I hug him … I say, ‘I love you.’ Even on the telephone, ‘I love you.’ And Dave is not expressive, [but] whenever we were alone, always he told me ‘I love you, son.'” – Nicky Cruz of the Cross and The Switchblade talking about his friend and mentor David Wilkerson after hearing about David’s tragic death in an automobile accident.

SOURCE: Christianity Today


“Apple is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our supply base. Apple requires suppliers to commit to our comprehensive supplier code of conduct as a condition of their contracts with us. We drive compliance with the code through a rigorous monitoring programme, including factory audits, corrective action plans and verification measures.” – Apple responding to allegations that Chinese workers are being treated inhumanly and like machines in an attempt to keep up with demands for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

SOURCE: Gaurdian


“Affirm the complexity and engage it wisely; Ensure that we work with trustworthy organizations; Root out irresponsibility; Make clear that we care for orphans because it reflects God’s heart.” – Christianity Today contributor Jedd Medefind responding to a negative article “The Evangelical Adoption Crusade” yet still acknowledging that evangelicals can learn lessons from the article.

SOURCE: Christianity Today


“It has taken a long time for this monster to be brought to justice. Welcome to hell, bin Laden.” – Mike Huckabee commenting on the death of Osama bin Laden.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

Guess who is coming?

Listener Comments

Rich wrote:
“Really enjoyed listening to the interview with Wayne Schmidt, my former pastor and boss. Excited for what God is doing through him and Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University to make practical seminary education affordable and accessible to all.”

Sharon wrote:
“I am so glad that I chose IWU, I had a really great experience getting my degree.  The Seminary looks like it provides even more awesome opportunities for students.  IWU is setting the pace for making educational opportunities possible for adults like me who can’t relocate but still desire a quality education at one of our fine Wesleyan Universities!”


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