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Episode 124 – Gone to Google+

Today on The Techology Show: Stevan Sheets – http://stevansheets.com Anthony Casey – http://facebook.com/acasey64 Heath Mullikin – http://chaseyourlion.com Steve Stanley – pastorses@gmail.com Matthew Tietje – http://matthewtietje.com Download Episode 124 Listen: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e124.mp3] Watch:

Episode 123 – Ageless Faith

Today on The Techology Show: Dr. Keith Drury: tuesdaycolumn.com  David Drury: oursoulshift.com, drurywriting.com/david/  Anthony Casey: facebook.com/acasey64 Heath Mullikin: chaseyourlion.com Steve Stanley: facebook.com/steve.stanley Matthew Tietje: matthewtietje.com Enter to win a copy of “Ageless Faith” by going to our page on Facebook, “like” our show, and post a message on our wall: “I want to win ‘Ageless […]

Episode 122 – Take This One to the Bank!

Today on The Techology Show: Anthony Casey: Facebook.com/acasey64 Heath Mullikin: chaseyourlion.com Matthew Tietje: matthewtietje.com Steve Stanley: Facebook.com/steve.stanley Download Episode 122 Listen: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e122.mp3] Watch:  

Episode 121 – Bioethics and Today’s Christian

We spend the hour talking with Dr. Robert Cranston (author of “Bioethics and Today’s Christian”) and Paige Cunningham (Director of the Center for Bio-Ethics and Human Dignity).   Download Episode 121 Listen: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e121.mp3] Watch:  

Episode 120 – People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Podcast

Today on The Techology Show: Jeremy Geerdes – http://facebook.com/jrgeerdes Anthony Casey – http://facebook.com/acasey64 Heath Mullikin – http://chaseyourlion.com Matthew Tietje – http://matthewtietje.com Download Episode 120 Listen: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e120.mp3] Watch:  

Episode 119 – Whitesel’s Waypoints

Today on The Techology Show: Dr. Bob Whitesel – Bob Whitesel, D.Min., Ph.D.   Anthony Casey – facebook.com/acasey64 Steve Stanley – facebook.com/steve.stanley Heath Mullikin – chaseyourlion.com Matthew Tietje – matthewtietje.com Download Episode 119 Listen: [audio:http://thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e119.mp3] Watch:  

Episode 118 – Deprez for Prez

Today on The Techology Show: Matthew Deprez Heath Mullikin Tony Casey Matthew Tietje Download Episode 118 Listen: [audio:http://thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e118.mp3] Watch:

Episode 117 – Soul Shift

A day full of internet frustrations, but we did manage to get an interview with Steve DeNeff and David Drury. Sadly, the video recording died… So…we have an mp3 download and a youtube “Audio-Only-Video” for your listening pleasure… Download Episode 117 Watch:

Episode 116 – Just Being Myself

Today on The Techology Show Anthony Casey – http://facebook.com/acasey64 Richard Hall – http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=1306643582 Buddy Rampey – buddyr@scwesleyan.org Heath Mullikin – http://heathmullikin.com Download Episode 116 Listen: [audio:http://thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e116.mp3] Watch: