Episode 130 – The Simpsons Were Right!

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Episode 129 – Kent Shaffer & OpenChurch.com

Today on The Techology Show: Kent Shaffer – Kent holistically oversees Open Church and guides its vision. He is a ministry organizational strategist who has spent the past few years working on tech startups and consulting for groups such as LifeChurch.tv, Saddleback Church, and Catalyst Conference. He blogs about ministry at ChurchRelevance.com. While known most for […]

Episode 128 – Phonographs Will Destroy the Church

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Episode 125 – God in the Midst of Change

Today on The Techology Show Joan Wood Rampey – facebook.com/jwr46 Richard Hall – www.eden-church.org Anthony Casey – facebook.com/acasey64 Heath Mullikin – chaseyourlion.com Steve Stanley – pastorses@gmail.com Matthew Tietje – matthewtietje.com Download Episode 125 Listen: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e125.mp3] Watch:

Episode 124 – Gone to Google+

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Episode 123 – Ageless Faith

Today on The Techology Show: Dr. Keith Drury: tuesdaycolumn.com  David Drury: oursoulshift.com, drurywriting.com/david/  Anthony Casey: facebook.com/acasey64 Heath Mullikin: chaseyourlion.com Steve Stanley: facebook.com/steve.stanley Matthew Tietje: matthewtietje.com Enter to win a copy of “Ageless Faith” by going to our page on Facebook, “like” our show, and post a message on our wall: “I want to win ‘Ageless […]

Episode 122 – Take This One to the Bank!

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Episode 121 – Bioethics and Today’s Christian

We spend the hour talking with Dr. Robert Cranston (author of “Bioethics and Today’s Christian”) and Paige Cunningham (Director of the Center for Bio-Ethics and Human Dignity).   Download Episode 121 Listen: [audio:http://www.thetechologyshow.com/mp3temp/e121.mp3] Watch: